About Willem


Willem Foster is a wedding and portraiture photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated with a Advanced Diploma in Photography and Graphic Design from the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography in 2006.

After his studies, he worked in advertising for a few years, realised he was slowly losing his mind and decided to change things up by moving to the UK. After 2 years of "life-experience" in London and another year working as an assistant for acclaimed wedding photographer Liam Kidney in Ireland, Willem settled back home in Cape Town and has been there since.

What does he do when he is not working?

Willem enjoys his photography as much as the next photographer, but whenever he gets time to relax he enjoys spending it with friends and family. 

Fishing, hiking, camping, traveling, watching sports. The more time spent in the sun, the better. His biggest passion, apart from photography of course, is traveling and meeting new people. His dream would be to travel the world and take portraits of all of the interesting people that he meets along the way. Maybe one day, you never know...

Image by Suzanne Swart Photography

Image by Suzanne Swart Photography